Tuesday, August 18, 2015

White Star part 2

White Star (wars) is off to a great time.

I am pretty much totally winging it. The players are loving it. Simple to play and it is really letting us have a good time. Much laughter has been had and fun. That is what I enjoy about table top gaming. :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

White Star off to a great start!

Ran my first White Star session on 7/6/2015.

The nice thing about  White Star is that we have been running a Swords and Wizardry Complete for years now so really there were no rules to re-learn. Just a new "setting".

I went with a STAR WARS setting in a very REBELS like fashion of 5 years BBY. The Jedi are still an old folk tale and the EMPIRE is in full swing.

More on this later...

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Is Crowd funding how real good video games will get made?

We do live in interesting times.

The fact that IGA has to resort to using Kickstarter to make his own game is crazy.

I am all for it though as long as the games do get made. I wonder how long before the bigger compaines take notice that YES people do want game like this still. Look I love FPS action games but I also really like a nice adventure or a deep RPG(thankfully we still have Bethesda!!)

So check that out. It made ONE MILLION in a day. Double what they asked for. 30 days to go...

Gaming and me.

So this will serve as an intro of sorts..

I have been into gaming since I was a kid. I remember seeing the arcade units like Pac-Man ,Galaga and Centipede. My Dad would play them and also let my brother and I play. I remember we also had one of those Radio Shack Pong units you could hook to your TV. Later we would have the Odyssey 2 and Atari 5200. My brother and I also liked to play board games.  In that same era the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon came out. I thought it was really neat!! Right around then is when I saw the RED BOX show up at a local store.

Soon my brother and I got our hands on the Redbox. We loved it. At that age (I think I was 9 or maybe 10 and my brother is 2 years younger) we did not quite understand it but we did have fun and it introduced me to what is possible in a tabletop game.

Later we got the NES and man that was fun. We really liked that. We still mucked around with the RedBox and later Blue add on but we did not know anyone else into it. We met lots of other kids into the Nintendo.

Later on that love of video games with our group of friends would get us back into Table Top gaming. Summer of 1988 a friend who played AD&D(among other games) and even his Mom played. Soon we started playing with him and then got into all kinds of Tabletop gaming with AD&D,Palladium,TMNT,Robotech,Shadowrun and Battletech.

As the years went on friends grew up and moved away and at some point I drifted away from Tabletop gaming as I lost folks to play with. At the time I played more video games and got really into comic books,films and music.

Fast forward to 2008 having made some great friends in the Comic Book world here locally I find some tabletop gamers. Luck would have it they also like to play classic RPG's. I get introduced to Swords and Wizardry and I fall in love with it. Been playing it almost bi-weekly ever since. Good times. I hope to share more gaming on here soon.